We need to discuss your neighbor’s hot tub.

THIS IS A BLOG POST. Going forward, a blog post similar to this one is exactly how we, the folks at Punch Drunk Village, will share our thoughts on things that matter.

Here you’ll find lots of things that matter – like, why being a part of a village is important to our mental health. And, why we all need to have more parties. And, why does no one but us throw parties? 

Is it that they do throw parties and just don’t invite us? (Is it because we drank too much? Is it because we threw up sushi? In the rock garden? That had to be hosed down at 8:00 a.m. the next day?)

Is it because they don’t now that Friends is streaming on Netflix and Whole Foods sells exceptional guacamole? 

Is it because Facebook is a way better public venue to discuss the important issues of the day – like, why your neighbor is a dumbass for constructing a hideous plywood box around his hot tub. We couldn’t help but notice the last time you threw a party.

We also care about the important issues of the day and look forward to discussing them with you – like your neighbor’s hot tub, the aforementioned guacamole, and why you don’t invite us to your parties anymore.

And we will write about these topics and more in future posts. Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “We need to discuss your neighbor’s hot tub.

    • DarDar, your Ross reference here reminds me of your “David Schwimmer walked into a Yankee Candle Shop” story, which reminds me…does Yankee make a guacamole-scented candle?

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  1. I feel awkward, like I’m crashing a neighbor’s hot tub party and only just realizing getting in that it was swim-suit optional and I’m the only one wearing the mom-kini. Um, please don’t get out, thank you.


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